Testing systems

Our services, your advantages

From conceptualisation to commissioning:

We provide you with the optimal solution for your testing needs. Throughout the entire duration of the project you will have a designated contact person who will ensure that your wishes and concerns are always taken into consideration.

We are also happy to modify your existing test system or update it, if required.

A proven secure system

Our secure system plays an important role in the implementation of your testing systems. Dangers such as pressures, temperatures, flammable or toxic gases, movements, high voltages are safely controlled at all times, thus accidents are avoided.

Our test benches cover topics such as reforming, leakage and material testing, shock fatigue, gas analysis, measuring equipment for spatially resolved material characterisation, component testing with hygienic media, refueling, micro-testing under media, functional tests, H2 high pressure > 1,000bar, permeation, HIL-‍systems, SIP tests.