A continuous focus on quality

To ensure the consistent quality and reproducibility of your metrological results as well as the integrity of your sensors, regular calibration is a must. Our experienced engineers and service technicians will carry out your calibration requirements as well as any other adjustments that may be needed. We are happy to calibrate your systems for you.

Standard calibrations

We offer factory calibrations for the following values:

  • Mass flow rate of liquids 0.1 to 830l/min
  • Mass flow rate of gases with real gas calibration 0 to 400m³/h
  • Pressure and differential pressure: -0.8 to1000bar
  • Temperature: -40°C to 600°C
  • Voltage (up to 1000VDC)
  • Current (up to 600ADC)
  • Dew point, humidity and conductivity
DAkkS calibration / on-site calibration

is an accredited calibration process according to the guidelines of the German Accreditation Service (DAkkS), the German Calibration Service (DKD) and DIN EN ISO IEC 17025

  • Pressure: manometers and pressure sensors in the range -0.5 to 20bar
  • Temperature: Resistance thermometers, thermocouples, direct reading thermometers in the range -40°C to 450°C

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