Tankfix 200 / 300

Hydrogen and natural gas filling facility for mobile applications

The hydrogen technology took already place in automotive applications. More and more vehicle manufacturer construct test fleets and hand vehicles over into customer hands for testing. The infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles is not yet world-wide available. In order to be able to offer hydrogen for test fleets, MS2 Engineering developed the compact hydrogen gas filling station Tankfix MS 300.
The refueling of vehicles with pressurized hydrogen or natural gas can be done with the mobile Tankfix MS 300 at nearly any place. The tank system can be supplied by individual cylinders or gas cylinder bundles. By its unique plug system Tankfix MS 300 is packaged in a compact transportation box with the dimensions of 1m*1,2m*1,1m (W/L/H). Tankfix MS 300 can be assembled within a few minutes..

Vehicles in test operations can world-wide be supplied with hydrogen and natural gas by Tankfix MS 300. For stationary applications Tankfix MS 200 was developed as for fleet applications . Tankfix MS 200 as well as Tankfix MS 300 need a footprint of approx. 0,9m*1,2m*2,3m.
Optionally the filling station can be used to empty fuel tanks (e.g. before transport or maintenance) by integration of a service clutch. If desired additional connections can be provided for flushing of fuel tanks with nitrogen.

Example: Mobile filling station „Tankfix MS 300“:

Mobile filling station for refueling of hydrogen or methane powered vehicles by compressed gas cylinder bundles.


  Number of gas cylinder bundles: 3
  Maximum bundle pressure: 300 bar
  Tank filling pressure up to 280 bar is possible
  Refueling by activation of valves
  Optimal utilization of gas bundles by sequential emptying
  Filling facility is simply detachable without a tool
  Compact transportation packing
  Assembly and disassembly possible within a few minutes
  Optional tank pressures up to 880 bar can be reached by extension with a pressure increase stage.